2019 Community Satisfaction Survey Results

     First off, thank you to everyone who completed the company satisfaction survey. It was comprised of 45 questions that covered a variety of topics regarding teamwork, communication, and leadership. As we strive to be more open with our members, below we have compiled the results from the survey. 

     Each question was given a grade, from A to F, based on how positive the response was. Most questions were in the format of Yes, No, Somewhat. For these questions, a Yes was worth 1 point, a Somewhat was 0.5 points, and a No was 0 points. The total score was then divided by the maximum possible points and given a corresponding grade. 

     Some questions were open-ended and it was amazing to see the results we got. Those were not given any points towards the final grade. While not all individual responses are displayed, they have been read by management and have been taken into consideration.

Section 1: The Community & You

Overall Grade: B+

A-1Do you believe that you have a clear understanding of the strategic objectives of the Community?
F-2Can you recite our Community’s values?
A-3Is it clear to you how your role impacts the Community objectives?
A+4Do you believe that there is an opportunity for personal growth and development of your skills within the Community?
B-5Are you satisfied with your role within the Community overall?
A-6Do you feel rewarded for your dedication and commitment towards the Community?
A+7Is the Community atmosphere in the virtual workspace one that helps you strike the right balance between your work life and personal life?
A+8Does the Community have fair policies for recognition and promotion for all members?
A9Do you like our Community's culture?
A-10Do you have fun when engaging with the Community (i.e. in Slack, on Community calls)
B+11How likely are you to recommend the Community to others as a great place to belong?
A-12Do you believe this Community is going in the right direction?
A13Do you think that the Community encourages different points of view?

Q 14: What three words would you use to describe our culture?

Q 15: What’s one thing that’s missing from the Community?

Section 2: Information & Communication

Overall Grade: A-

A-16How easy is it for you to get the information you need to make better decisions in your role?
A-17If something unusual comes up, do you know who to go to for a solution?
B+18Do you feel informed about all the resources and tools to perform your duties well?

Section 3: Leaders & Leadership

Overall Grade: A

A-19Do you know who your People Leaders and Leadership are?
A+20Do your seniors and People Leaders encourage you to give your best effort?
A21Do you feel that your opinions are heard and valued by your superiors?
A+22Do you feel that Leadership takes your role into consideration while making leadership related decisions?
A-23Have you received any constructive feedback from your People Leader?
A-24Has your People Leader offered you any praise when you have done a good job?
A25How frequently do you receive recognition from your People Leader?
A-26Do you think the People Leaders and Leadership respects your personal time?
A27Do you feel like the Leadership team is transparent?

Section 4: Team & Teamwork

Overall Grade: A-

A28Do you enjoy being a member of your team?
A-29Do you feel inspired by your team to do your best in your role?
A-30Do you feel you receive the support you need in your role whenever needed?
A31Do you think your seniors treat all the team members equally?
A+32Do you feel like team members are respectful?
B+33Do you feel like team members are engaging?
A-34Do you feel like team members are helpful?

Section 5: Self-Evaluation

Overall Grade: B-

A-35Have you experienced personal growth such as upgrading your skills and learning other tasks since joining the Community?
C-36Do you ever feel that you go beyond your limits to fulfill your role?
B-37Do you feel your efforts make a positive difference to others directly or indirectly?
D38Do you feel that you have enough skills or training to teach others?
A-39Has your role caused any unreasonable amounts of stress to you?
B-40How happy are you with your current role?
B+41How happy are you with your future prospects within the Community?
C-42Do you believe you'll be able to reach your full potential as a member of the Community?
B-43Do you see yourself still being a member in the next 2 years?

Q 44: Hypothetically, if you were to leave the Community tomorrow, what would your reason be?

The overwhelming answer was that simply a lack of time would be the reason for no longer being able to participate in the Community.

Q 45: Do you have anything that you would like to share?

Anything I could say would seem like overpraise, but the truth is I've been thoroughly happy with my time as part of the Community. Whether or not I feel I'm actually effective is still a question. but the encouragement I receive from management does keep me motivated regardless if other aspects do or not. I feel valued. Most importantly I feel respected. Leadership has enough respect for me to always be honest, to kick my butt when necessary, to allow me to engage honestly with them, and to most importantly actually listen to what I have to say. Are there things that could be improved? Most likely. Like I said, nothing is perfect. Am I satisfied with the direction the Community is going in? Yes.

Final Grade: B+

While we are on the right track, there are still some things that need improvement.