Welcome to the High-Five
Rewards & Recognition Program

Here at MACG Productions, we reward our team for their hard work. High-Five works on a point system. If you are familiar with how an airline credit card works, or you have a Starbucks, then you already get the jist of it. When you reach certain landmarks, you are awarded points and once you have enough points, you can exchange them for something more tangible. There’s three main ways that you can earn points.

Referral Rewards

Research has shown, and our own experience supports that new members who come into our organization through member referrals are excellent contributors. They aslo stay with us longer and are more compatible recruits. If you know someone whom you think would be a great addition to our organization, let us know about them. If they join, you could earn some points. The same goes for any potential clients you send our way and sign up for one of our programs. 

Peer Recognition

The MACG Community is all about supporting one another to develop successful brands and channels. If you have received outstanding help from a peer in the Community, show your appreciation by awarding them some High-Five points.

Leadership Recognition

The MACG Productions Team Leaders respect and appreciate the time and energy you volunteer towards building a successful and happy Community, especially when members go above and beyond to benefit the Community overall. Leadership rewards High-Five points to these individuals who go the extra mile.